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Firmware update

To upgrade the FW of wcc lite, in the web interface go to system -> backup/flash firmware and upload the downloaded sysupgrade file by browsing for it and then pressing flash image. The keep settings box can be marked if the old settings are needed and the FW version change is minor (that is, the third number changed: 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3).


A pop-up should be presented to inform that the verification process can take no more than 120 seconds.


There you should see a checksum that you need to make sure matches the provided in the downloads page (at least 5 symbols should be checked).


After that, a new page opens that indicates that the system is flashing. This page is only visual, so you can exit out of it. When the FW is flashing you can not power off the device, the FW will get corrupted and the device will stop working.


After 10 minutes you can try connecting to the wcc lite once again.