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Firmware and tools

4diac development environment for integrated PLC.

Download it from here. (Since firmware 1.4.0)

WCCLite firmware version 1.6.2 (released 18/03/2022)

RTU Firmware v1.6.2 -> Download (MD5sum: df583b3052f3e5a09b7ad3dfb8a3745b)

WCC-excel-utility v1.6.2 -> Download

1.6.2 Changelog
WEB interface improvements:
  • NEW: Excel configuration upload, now faster than ever and limited to 1000 signal lines in excel.
  • NEW: Chronosd and time synchronization window;
  • NEW: Added additional GSM options to better control connection to the GSM network with a fixed IP;
  • NEW: Events-log improved with Signal direction for visualization.
  • FIX: Password changing error via the web interface.
  • FIX: Login Security issues.

Improved mobile connectivity: 

  • NEW: Added GSM network support with fixed IP and custom APN at once;
  • FIX: GSM network interface starting issues. 

NEW Time synchronization management service CRONOSD:

  • NEW: Prioritization of time sync sources;
  • NEW: Information about current time master and status;
  • NEW: Manage time sync sources;

IEC 61850 Master:

  • NEW: IEC61850 client additional ACT/ACD structures variations;

IEC 60870-5:

  • FIX: IEC-104 slave: data type conversion after GI;
  • NEW: Chronosd support for IEC101-slave and IEC104-slave;

IEC 60870-5-103 master:

  • FIX: Improved command processing speed;
  • FIX: Single signal control with different SCADAs;
  • FIX: Other bugfixes;


  • NEW: Chronosd support;

DATA EXPORT service:

  • NEW: Multiple devices support;

WCCLite firmware version 1.5.4 (released 27/08/2021)

RTU Firmware v1.5.4 -> Download (MD5sum: bb5c9806b0202ff778851d642467ed65)

Cloud Firmware v1.5.4 -> Download (MD5sum: 5dcb6dc4c99f7e374f7b3120019d6ca1)

WCC-excel-utility v1.3.6-> Download

1.5.4 Changelog
WEB interface improvements:
  • NEW: Upgrade Events Log window with auto refresh and log record number options.
  • NEW: PIN status view in GSM window.
  • NEW: Remove fboot file button in Protocol Hub.
  • FIX: Small fixes for Switch SIM and Restart Modem buttons.
  • FIX: Removed GSM related sections from web if modem is not present in device.
  • FIX: Removed unused protocols from network interfaces window.
  • FIX: IP address display on GSM interface.
  • FIX: Small style fixes.
Redesigned EVENTS LOG:
  • NEW: New events log service (works with all protocols).
Extended funtionality of DATA EXPORT service:
  • NEW: Added csv-periodic, json-simple, json-samples format to data-export.
  • NEW: Memory optimization (vmRSS) for data-export.
  • NEW: Added field separator and decimal number separator selection to data-export.
  • NEW: Enforcing additional rules for data-export folders.
  • NEW: Multi-device support for data-export.
Improved mobile connectivity: 
  • NEW: Enter PUK code if SIM card is blocked.
  • FIX: Do not start GSM related services if modem is not present in device.
IEC 60870-5-103 master:
  • FIX: IEC103-master bugfix measurements with negative values.
MODBUS master:
  • FIX: Bugfixes, memory handling issues.
  • FIX: Bugfixes.
New SMS SENDER service:
  • NEW: SMS sending functionality.
Other protocols improvements: 
  • FIX: TCP/IP sockets changed to nonblocking.
  • NEW: DLMS prefix replaced with device alias in error and debug logs.
  • FIX: DLMS library updated.
  • NEW: DLMS connection tracker added.
  • NEW: DLMS -raw command added to check packages in hex.
  • FIX: DLMS reading speed increased.
  • NEW: DLMS meter server address and register short names can now be specified with address_size and short_name columns in configuration excels.
VPN funcionality IPSEC:
  • FIX: IPSec service not starting properly.
  • NEW: Added redesigned events log service.
  • FIX: Added default value for data export.
  • NEW: SMS sender protocol.
  • NEW: Short name and address size columns for DLMS.
Known issues:
  • Events log: Events log displays only raw signal values. Values processed with math expressions are omitted.
  • SMS sender: Host parameter in Devices sheet is required when configuring SMS sender. WCC Excel utility does not report that as problem.
WCCLite firmware version 1.5.1 (released 10/2/2021)

RTU Firmware v1.5.1 -> Download (MD5sum: 023b30a2aa997818abada9cf4e0a515e)

WCC-excel-utility v1.3.3 -> Download

1.5.1 Changelog
  • DLMS:
    • New: DLMS meter server address and register short names can now be specified with address_size and short_name columns in configuration excel.
    • Fix: DLMS reading speed increased.
  • Modbus Master:
    • Fix: Incorrect connection status operation for serial instances.
    • Fix: Reconnection issues with TCP stations
  • WCC Excel Utility v1.3.3:
    • New: Short name and address size columns for DLMS added.
WCCLite firmware version 1.5.0 (released 20/1/2021)

RTU Firmware v1.5.0 -> Download

WCC-excel-utility v1.3.2 -> Download

1.5.0 Changelog
  • Remote debugging and protocol analysis of WCC Lite protocols on your PC:
    • By using the WCC Excel utility you are able to monitor and observe real-time protocol communication between WCCLite and connected 3rd party devices;
  • New protocols:
    • IEC 61850 Server protocol support:
      • Supported: edition 1, edition 2, edition 2.1;
      • Flexible ICD files;
      • TLS encapsulation;
      • Static Report control blocks;
      • Buffered and unbuffered Report Control blocks;
      • Command execution (all types).
    • IEC 61850 Client protocol support:
      • Supported: edition 1, edition 2, edition 2.1;
      • TLS encapsulation;
      • Static Report Control blocks;
      • Buffered and unbuffered Report Control blocks;
      • Execute commands (all types).
    • Data Export service:
      • Export data to remote FTP(s), HTTP(s) servers;
      • Authentication support (based on username and password);
      • Export formats CSV and JSON;
      • Compression function included;
      • Multiple servers support;
      • Perfectly fits into IoT and Cloud computing applications.
  • Cybersecurity functions:
    • Password complexity support for local users:
      • Password complexity can be enabled or disabled by the administrator;
      • Freely configurable password policy including:
        • Minimum password length;
        • Upper case letters requirement;
        • Lower case letters requirement;
        • Digits use;
        • Special characters use.
    • Protocol status window:
      • Shows configured protocols on the device;
      • Shows connected/disconnected client/server IP address;
      • Now supports IEC 60870-5, DNP 3.0, and Modbus protocols;
  • Bug fixes and major improvements:
    • WCCLite internal signals
      • Solved problems with signal CPU usage;
WCCLite firmware version v.1.4.7 (released 12/11/2020)

RTU Firmware v.1.4.7 -> Download

1.4.7 Changelog
  • Web UI:
    • Fix: Signals update bug in Imported Signals window;
    • Event log window rework/fix.
  • Pooler/DLMS:
    • Fix: CPU usage reading job always returns 0 (v2.16.2);
    • Fix: DLMS float/double endianness bug(v2.16.2).
  • DNP3.0:
    • Fix: Lifetime issues under big data transfer rate for master (v2.2.1);
    • Fix: Slave does not remove Buffer_Overflow IIN bit (v2.2.1);
    • Fix: Master does not send ACT_TERM signal after the successful command(v2.2.1).
  • Wcc-excel-utility:
    •  Fix: DNP3 master integrity_interval and exception_interval variables reading(v1.3.1).
WCCLite firmware version v.1.4.6 (released 24/9/2020)

RTU Firmware v.1.4.6 -> Download

1.4.6 Changelog
  • DNP 3.0 slave:
    • fixed: Select/Operate behavior (now accepts time gap between Select and Operate);
    • added: support Pulse On/Off and Trip/Close commands;
  • DNP 3.0 master:
      • fixed: DirectNoAck command support;
      • added: support for Pulse On/Off and Trip/Close commands;
  • Pooler DLMS:
    • fixed: timeout handling (now supports timeout and timeout_ms);
    • fixed: WRAPPER layer support;
  • Pooler fix: Added a configurable serial close delay;
  • Administrator password window changed name;
WCCLite firmware version v.1.4.5 (released 4/7/2020)

RTU Firmware v.1.4.5 -> Download

1.4.5 Changelog
  • Modbus fix: improved reconnect function for Modbus TCP;
  • Modbus fix: reconnect default delay extended to 3 seconds for Modbus TCP;
  • Self-check: Added IMEI scanning;
  • updated interface name for the mobile modem from ublox to wwan;
  • telemetry-agent: minor fixes to limit CPU usage;
  • fboot upload mechanism of removing non-ASCII character removed;
  • if a duid-registering server returns a 500-like error, script handling it is killed;
  • telemetry-agent kills every subprocess lasting than 4 seconds to not let CPU load skyrocket;
  • FBOOT file starting successes/failures are now written to Syslog;
  • Modbus fix: pulse tags can now be sent in parallel;
  • Modbus fix: command buffer is now transformed to FIFO
  • fboot file is no longer deleted after importing configuration;
  • self-check has added checks for digital input;
  • fixes for GSM while migrating from a version older than 1.4.0;
  • process controlling LEDs is restarted after self-check;
  • Modbus job in semicolon form interpretation problem solved;
  • Modbus-slave now returns DATA_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS if no valid data can be found;
  • WCC Excel utility now accepts uppercase, lowercase and mixed versions of a protocol name;
  • measurement units introduced to signal quality in GSM status window;
  • dropdown introduced for pinger communication interface;
  • proper cleanup after an unsuccessful update of configuration;
  • not letting import configuration via front-end interface if a blank file is being forced;
  • forcing synchronous communication when operating Modbus TCP;
  • Fixes Sara-U270 modem technology select dropdown list;
WCCLite firmware version 1.4.0 (released 4/4/2020)

RTU Firmware v.1.4.0 -> Download

WCC-excel-utility v1.2.19 -> Download

1.4.0 Changelog
  • PLC logic. This logic is compatible with IEC 61499 and will be able to perform tasks distributed across several devices and aggregate their results.
  • Official WCC Excel utility.  The new utility will enable you to load configurations remotely, and overall speed up the configurations process.
  • MQTT client.  The functionality is currently available for unencrypted data and recommended for use in local networks. There is also an LWT option.
  • GSM status window. This will allow us to monitor the GSM parameter in real-time, restart the modem or switch SIM card.
  • GSM parameters, as well as GSM pinger parameters, have migrated to the Network graph. They were given wider selection options.
  • It is now possible to track signal quality history. Signal quality will also be shown for certain parameters for certain signals.
  • Updates to Imported signals column filtering
  • Imported signals now refresh signals by signal_alias and device_alias pair – instead of device_name and signal_name as before;
  • Host parameter is no longer needed for Modbus Slave Serial;
  • Previously, if operator selection was used in Excel - flags would be added incorrectly. This has been updated;
  • For certain mathematical operations, some quotation symbols were incorrectly interpreted. They are automatically corrected at reading time to the format understandable for the software;
  • All required updates to out-of-the-box support the upcoming 1.4 firmware version release;
WCCLite firmware version 1.3.7 (released 23/03/2020)

NOTE: Unzip before putting into the device!

RTU Firmware v.1.3.7 -> Download

Cloud Firmware v.1.3.7 -> Download

1.3.7 Changelog
  • IEC 60870-5-103 process handles device connection/disconnection more robustly;
  • Multiple Modbus commands can be sent without causing process crash;
  • Modbus commands can be executed one after another if that device is handled by the process at that moment;
  • IEC 60870-5-103 endianness problems fixed;
Known issues:
  • some quote (unquote) symbols may break math_expression functionality
WCCLite firmware version 1.3.6

NOTE: Unzip before putting into the device!

RTU Firmware v.1.3.6 -> Download

1.3.6 Changelog
  • IEC 60870-5-103 protocol error counting mechanism problem which hangs the process is fixed;
Known issues:
  • IEC 60870-5-103 process might get overrun and hang if the device is disconnected for lengthy amounts of time;
  • multiple Modbus commands in a row may cause a segmentation fault
WCCLite firmware version 1.3.5

NOTE: Unzip before putting into the device!

RTU Firmware v.1.3.5 -> Download

Cloud Firmware v.1.3.5 -> Download

1.3.5 Changelog
  • Speedup 10x  of an IEC 60870-5-103 Master protocol;
  • IEC 60870-5-103 signals of the fleeting type introduced;
  • System Diagnostic Report function introduced (System->Backup/Flash Firmware);
  • Fixes for default protocol hub firewall rules;
  • modem now are timed with timeouts to rule out any script going rogue on CPU;
  • Last Will and Testament messages now technically supported for MQTT (via rm-bridge) protocol.
Known issues:
  • IEC 60870-5-103 error counting mechanism might hang the process.