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ChangeLog - IOMOD firmware version

Firmware release notes. - known issues; - new features; - release dates; - links to firmware files.

Configuration - General

The basic setup of common settings.

Excel configuration

How to use excel configuration. What are functions supported.


General information about IOMOD series. It describes general requirements and features of IOMOD devices.


Hardware description. Technical specifications.

How To

Explaining documents how to setup.

IOMOD with IEC 60870-5-103

IOMOD usage with IEC 60870-5-103 Slave protocol

IOMOD with Modbus RTU

IOMOD usage with Modbus RTU slave protocol

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital device adapted for control of processes which require high reliability, eas...

RTU usage

Remote Terminal Unit usage. With configurations examples and Tips and Tricks.

The Vinci Expert

This page covers all documentations about The Vinci Expert (hardware) technical specifications, use cases, manuals, tips, and t...

The Vinci Software

This chapter covers ONLY The Vinci Software from v3.0.0. All older The Vinci Software versions are documented inside The Vinc...

Tools and software

Here you will find all necessary tools to setup and configure IOmod devices.