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DLMS Serial to IEC104 protocol conversion



The article describes WCC Lite configuration steps to enable DLMS Serial protocol conversion to IEC 60870-5-104.


Fig 1.

First steps

Before you begin, make sure you have completed all physical installation work according to the manufacturer's installation instructions.

Set up your computer and connect Ethernet cable to WCC Lite ETH0 port. Login with default credentials and setup basic required settings (name, network, users, etc.). You can find configuration tutorials in How to articles.

To prepare configuration fill information in both - Devices and Signals sheets:

Configure devices

Add connected Gama meter with DLMS Serial protocol required information:
name description device_alias enable protocol serial_number device databits stopbits
From Gama Meter Elgama Gama 300 GAMA300 1 DLMS 2250259 PORT1 8 1
baudrate parity flowcontrol logical_address address_size client_address type
4800 none none 1 2 32 SN
mode auth

More information concerning DLMS protocol configuration is provided in DLMS/COSEM article.  

Add SCADA working on IEC104 protocol required information:
name device_alias enable protocol bind_address host port
To SCADA IEC104_SCADA 1 IEC 60870-5-104 slave 2404









2 2 3 8 12 45 30


time_sync message_size cache_size
1 249 100

More information concerning IEC104 protocol configuration is provided in IEC 60870-5-104 Slave article.  

Configure signals

Add connected meter measurements information. 

signal_name device_alias signal_alias obis_job
Voltage GAMA300 L3_U
Frequency GAMA300 F

obis_job - Objects are identified with the help of OBIS (Object Identification System) codes.

  1. The first number of OBIS code defines the media (energy type) to which the metering is related. Nonmedia
    related information is handled as abstract data. For example both obis_jobs in the table above starts with numbers 1 which stands for "Electricity related objects".
  2. The second number defines the channel number, i.e. the number of the input of a metering
    equipment having several inputs for the measurement of energy of the same or different types
    (e.g. in data concentrators, registration units). Data from different sources can thus be
    identified. The definitions for this value group are independent from the value of the first number. In both obis_jobs from the table above second number is set to zero which means that no channel is specified.
  3. The third number defines the abstract or physical data items related to the information
    source concerned, for example current, voltage, power, volume, temperature. The definitions
    depend on the value of the first number. For example in obis_jobs from the table above number 72 means voltage L3 and number 14 means frequency.
  4. The forth number defines types, or the result of the processing of physical quantities
    identified with the numbers 1 and 3, according to various specific algorithms. The
    algorithms can deliver energy and demand quantities as well as other physical quantities. In both obis_jobs from the table above forth number is set to 7 which stands for "Instantaneous value".
  5. The value of the fifth number defines further processing or classification of quantities identified by numbers 1 to 4. In case of the first obis_job number 0 means that all harmonics of the signal along with its fundamental frequency are going to be taken into consideration.
  6. The value of the sixth number defines the storage of data, identified by numbers 1 to 5, according to
    different billing periods. Where this is not relevant, this value group can be used for further
    classification. In both obis_jobs from the table above last number is set to 255 which means that data is not used.

Add IEC104 Slave signals information:

signal_name device_alias signal_alias source_device_alias source_signal_alias enable
log gi common_address info_address data_type
1 1 1 101 36
1 1 1 104 36

For more detailed DLMS protocol communication analysis Gurux DLMS Director application can be used.


  1. WCC Excel Utility Download

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