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Connecting two IOMod 16DI



This article describes how to connect and configure two IOMods 16DI to the WCC Lite using IEC103, and Modbus RTU.


Typical connection schematic for two IOMod 16DI

Preparing the configuration

At first you need to make a configuration for the WCC Lite. This can be done using any spreadsheet editing program. Templates for configuration can be found on the WCC Lite web. Protocol Hub --> Configuration. On the bottom of the page there will be a Download button for template configurations.


You need to configure Devices and Signals sheets before continuing. These template configurations can also be used to configure protocols like Modbus-master and DNP3. Configuration can be modified according to functionality needed. In this case, Device sheet will only have three devices, WCC Lite and two IOMod 16DI. It is important to use only one protocol for each port, otherwise configuration will not work. 


Second step


Before connecting IOMods to WCC Lite you need to configure it via mini USB. This can be done following these steps:

You need to configure it, like it is done in the excel configuration. To do that, fist you need to open PuTTY terminal and change these parameters: parity, link address, asdu address. It is important, that link address and asdu address for both IOMods are different and parity should be even. Other parameters such as baudrate, databits and stopbits should be set to default. Signals sheet should be mapped according to functionality needed.

Connecting IEC104-slave via Vinci


After Excel and USB configurations, you can connect to device using Vinci software. In order to simulate IEC104 slave you need to choose IEC 60870-5-104 protocol and Master(Client) mode and press start. In Settings tab, check Structure, Timeouts and Windows values to match Excel configuration. 


Then set correct IP address and Port at the top of the program page. Port for IEC104 should be 2404 and IP address should match your WCC Lite IP address. 


On the right side of the page you can find Tags and System tabs. In Tags you can create jobs which are described in you excel configuration job_todo and tag_job_todo. To do so, click  Add and choose Type. This type should match data_type described in excel configuration. If needed change asdu (in Excel configuration – asdu_address) and ioa (info_address). Create user friendly name for this job and click save. To execute when needed click send. 


















In System tab you can execute commands accordingly by setting ASDUType and IOA. To execute commands you need to specify Value and Cause. Depending on your configuration in order to execute these commands you need to click Execute or Select. By clicking Execute, command will be executed immediately and Select will only select given command but will not execute it.