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Comlynx to Modbus TCP protocol conversion


This article describes WCC Lite configuration steps to enable Comlynx protocol conversion to Modbus TCP


First steps

Before you begin, make sure you have completed all physical installation work according to the manufacturer's installation instructions.

Set up your computer and connect Ethernet cable to WCC Lite ETH0 port. Login with default credentials and setup basic required settings (name, network, users, etc. ). You can find configuration tutorials in How to articles.

After setup, download configuration template from device (Protocol Hub → Configuration → Template configuration Download)
Or download configuration example from this article Files.

To prepare configuration fill information in both - Devices and Signals sheets:

Configure devices

Add connected inverter with ComLynx protocol required information:

name device_alias enable protocol timeout device baudrate databits stopbits parity flowcontrol
Inverter Danfoss_INV_1 1 ComLynx 2000000 PORT1 19200 8 1 none none
scan_rate_ms poll_retry_count network subnet address
60000 3 3 2 163

Add Modbus Slave required information:

name device_alias enable protocol id timeout bind_address
Modbus Slave Modbus_slave 1 Modbus TCP Slave 1 500000
host port mode 502 tcp

You can find more options and descriptions of the settings in Device configuration article.

Configure signals

Add connected inverter signals information. Use inverter manual for information and addresses (tag_job_todo).

 signal_name   device_alias   signal_alias   enable   tag_type   units   multiply   job_todo  job_todo   number_type 
Total energy production Danfoss_INV_1 Danfoss_1 1 Normal kWh 0,001 08|01|02 NA UNSIGNED16

Where in job_todo 08 is "module id", 01 - "Index", 02 - "SubIndex" of measurements.
number_type can be found in manual as Data type id converted to data type as follow:

0x0: Not defined- Not supported
0x1: Boolean
0x2: Signed 8
0x3: Signed 16
0x4: Signed 32
0x5: Unsigned 8
0x6: Unsigned 16
0x7: Unsigned 32
0x8: Float
0x9: Visible string - Not supported
0xA: Packed bytes - Not supported

0xB: Packed words - Not supported
0xC - 0xF: Reserved- Not supported

Add Modbus slave signals information

 signal_name   device_alias   signal_alias   source_device_alias   source_signal_alias   enable   tag_type   units   multiply 
Total energy production Modbus_slave Modbus_1 Danfoss_INV_1 Danfoss_1 1 Normal kWh 1.0
 common_address   function   info_address   number_type   size 
1 3 1 UNSIGNED16 1

Use measurements from inverter as a source to be forwarded.

You can find more options and descriptions of the settings in Signals sheet article.

Upload configuration

After all devices and signals are configured it time to check and upload configuration using WCC Excel Utility:

  1. Download and run WCC Excel Utility;
  2. Select Excel file from your computer and click Convert;
  3. Check if no events in red color occur. If so, edit Excel file according to event text and repeat Step 2;
  4. Enter Host and credentials of WCC Lite and click Upload configuration.


  1.  Danfoss inverter manual - Accessing Inverter Parameters via RS485 using the ComLynx protocol Download
  2. WCC Excel Utility Download

  3. Example of configuration file Download