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The firmware of the WCC Lite features a built-­in API which is accessible via the web interface. As of version 1.2.11, it does not implement any access restriction features apart from those provided by the firewall functionality.

Individual API endpoints can be enabled or disabled via the web configuration interface at Services­>API.

All endpoints are disabled by default. Available API endpoints are shown in the table below.

Path Description
/api/version Version of the API
/api/actions  List of available points
/api/syncVersion Version of the sync service
/api/sync hub configuration sync (name=”file”)*
/api/syslog  Prints out the syslog
/api/systemInfo General system info
/api/gsmInfo  GSM modem information
/api/devices  List of configured devices
/api/device/info  Device information (name=”device_alias”)**
/api/device/tags List of tags on particular device (name=”device_alias”)**
/api/device/tag/value Tag value (name=”device_alias”, name=”signal_alias”)**
/api/tags  List of configured tags
/api/sysupgrade  Firmware upgrade (name=”file”)*

* Endpoints accepting files
** Endpoints accepting field data

The API accepts data and files as POST requests encoded as ”multipart/form­data”.