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6.1 Serial port interfaces

WCC Lite WCC Lite has 2 serial ports (Figure 7). Selectable RS485 (by default) or RS232 interface on PORT1 and RS485 interface on PORT2.


Figure 7: WCC Lite ports 

WCC Lite RS485 interface supports baud rates up to 115200 and has an integrated 120 termination resistor. It is recommended to use termination at each end of the RS485 cable. To reduce reflections, keep the stubs (cable distance from the main RS485 bus line) as short as possible when connecting the device. See the typical RS485 connection diagram in figure 8.

Note: Double-check if A and B wires are not mixed up.

WCC Lite 3-wire RS232 interface is available on PORT1 and can be selected by the user (see Port settings). Baud rates up to 115200 are supported. See the typical RS232 connection diagram in figure 9.


Figure 8: Typical WCC Lite RS-485 connection diagram 


Figure 9: Typical WCC Lite RS-232 connection diagram