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20.6 Generating and uploading FORTE logic file

After the PLC design is finished and debugged, such design can be compiled into FBOOT file and uploaded to one or multiple devices to be used in production. As application being debugged is not automatically considered as a default application, one should be uploaded explicitly via web interface.

To generate FORTE boot-files a user should select Run->Create FORTE boot-file.... After that one should select devices which should have their boot files created as well as additional devices’ properties and directory where these files should be stored as in picture bellow.

Generating FBOOT file:image-1602662453356.png

Upload button for FORTE file in web interface can be found in Protocol Hub tab, Configuration screen (FORTE boot file upload supported for versions v1.4.0 and above). You should see a view as in picture below.

WCC Lite Web interface. Upload and download of 4Diac configuration files:


After the file has been imported one should be able to download it from the same screen as seen in the picture before.

Please note that only files with *.fboot extension are allowed.

Uploading a file saves it's name and shows it in  the web interface. It is advised to carefully choose a filename to separate different versions of PLC application files.