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8.3 Protocol Hub

Protocol HUB section stores configuration for every connected device. You can configure it by importing settings from an Excel file.



In this tab a user can:

  • Import new configuration from Excel file (.xls, .xlsx formats). If any errors in the file are found, the device will not be imported, and importing process will be stopped.
  • Import .fboot file for PLC.
  • Import IEC61850 Server model file
  • Import IEC61850 Client model file
  • Download current configuration Excel file.
  • Download a template configuration Excel file.

Imported Signals


The imported signals section shows basic information about applied configuration. This section is used for viewing only.

Event Log


Event Log is the time­stamped status data. It allows reviewing of the latest events and changes for devices state changes in chronological order. Newest events are shown at the top of the list. WCC Lite will time­stamp the status data with a time resolution of one millisecond.

Initially, all breakers, protection contacts digital status input points in the WCCLite; events captured from IEDs (Intelligent electronic devices) shall be configured as Event Log points. It’s possible to assign any digital status input data point in the WCCLite as an SOE point with an Excel template during configuration.

Each time a device changes state, the WCClite will save it with time­tag in internal storage. Event Log can also be downloaded by pressing the download button at the bottom of the page.

Events are recorded only for devices that have the log field set to 1.

Protocol Connections


The protocol connections section shows configured devices and their respective ports, statuses