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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is an internet­ standard protocol for managing devices on IP networks. SNMP exposes management data in the form of a hierarchy of variables in a MIB (Management Information Base).

WCC Lite supports SNMP service which is not added to default build of firmware but can be installed as a module. It enables user to collect data on various parameters of system:

  • CPU time ­ time spent for calculations of various processes:
    • user ­- time for user processes;
    • system -­ time for system processes;
    • idle ­- time spent idling;
    • interrupts -­ time spent handling interrupts.
  • CPU load average -­ CPU load average for 1, 5 and 15 minutes respectively;
  • Disk usage:
    • total ­- total amount of storage in the device (in kB)
    • available -­ amount of storage available to store data (in kB)
    • used -­ amount of storage used in the device (in KB)
    • blocks used percentage ­- blocks (sectors) used to store data in a disk (in kB)
    • inodes used percentage ­- the inode (index node) is a data structure in a Unix­ style file system that describes a file­system object such as a file or a directory. Each inode stores the attributes and disk block location(s) of the object’s data.
  • Memory usage ­- RAM usage statistics:
    • total ­- total amount of RAM in the device (in kB);
    • available -­ unused amount of RAM in the device (in kB);
    • shared -­ shared amount of RAM between multiple processes (in kB);
    • buffered - refers to an electronic buffer placed between the memory and the memory controller;
    • cached ­- a portion of memory made of high­ speed static RAM (SRAM) instead of the slower dynamic RAM (DRAM) used for main memory;
  • Network interfaces:
    • MTU ­- maximum transmission unit to be sent over network;
    • speed -­ rate of network transmission;
    • physical address ­- unique MAC address assigned to a device;
    • tx/rx: byte, packet, drop, error count;
  • System properties:
    • uptime -­ time since the device was turned on;
    • process uptime ­- time since the process has been started;
    • hostname ­- a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network;
    • name ­- name of the device (if defined);
    • location ­- location of the device (if defined).