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Copyrights and trademarks
Elseta is UAB “Elseta” trademark that identifies UAB “Elseta” manufactured products. All of the products copyright belongs to "Elseta”. These documents and the product properties can not be changed without company “Elseta'” knowledge and written consent. User manual may be modified by company “Elseta'” without additional notice.

Declaration of Conformity
(in accordance with ISO / IEC Guide 22 and EN Section 45014)
Manufacturer: UAB “Elseta”
Address of the manufacturer L. Zamenhofo st. 5 LT Vilnius, Lithuania

We claim that:
The Vinci Expert

Conforms to the following standards:
EMC: Radiation EN 55022 (Class A)
1 emitted radiation (30-1000MHz)
Second radiation conductors (0.15-30MHz)
EN 50082-1 immunity test
1 IEC 801-3: Radio-frequency electromagnetic field
2 IEC 801-2: Electrostatic discharge.
3 IEC 801-4: Quick periodic electrostatic discharges

Additional information:
The device complies with the Low Voltage Directive 73/23 / EEC and EMC Directive 89/336 / EEC. Device assembly complies with the RoHS Directive.

Manufacturer contact:
Equipment quality controller
UAB “Elseta”
Address: L. Zamenhofo st. 5, LT 06332, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 5 2742707

This equipment operating notes, which must be met for your personal safety, as well as to avoid damage to the equipment. These notes are marked with a warning triangle symbol and the various degrees of risk of falling within signs. All work related to electronic systems design, installation, commissioning, adjustment and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the safety requirements.


Danger - important notice, which may affect the safety of the user or device.

Attention - notice on possible problems that may arise in individual cases.

Information Notice - the information that is useful advice or special places.

Warning of the danger. The work may be performed only by a qualified professional. Equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance may only be performed by a qualified professional. If the safety notes in this manual, the term refers to persons qualified specialists authorized to perform commissioning, grounding and labeling devices, systems and circuits. The person must: Be aware of occupational safety in the workplace. Need to understand the equipment components. Electrical equipment. Have the knowledge and skills to identify a component beneath the voltage.

To maintain the equipment necessary to always turn off the power supply before installing or dismantling works. It must be in mind that even though alone equipment, but can have a common ground connection. Always before connecting the power supply, cables and interconnect components must be inspected.

This product can not be implemented, or resold to install in areas that are high-security as nuclear power plants, aircraft navigation, military equipment, transport traffic in management. In areas where equipment failure can result in of nature and human injury.

Do not operate the equipment in extreme weather conditions, as they may affect the operation of the equipment.