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THE VINCI EXPERT - serial interface protocol analyzer and universal serial interface converter.
• Hard case with figure cut foam for connectors and a pocket for wires.

Screenshot_12.pngAll possible connections and wires are attached:

• 2 x 1 meter long cable RJ-45 to RJ-45
• 2 x Adapters RJ-45 to DB-9 F
• 2 x DB-9 M to DB-9 M
• 2 x DB-9 M to DB-25 F
• 2 x DB-25 M to DB-25 M
• Duplex Multimode Fiber Optical cable with ST to ST connectors
• Mini USB to USB Type A Cable
• Mini power adapter (AC plug) to USB
• 2 x 0.5 meter long RJ-45 cable with loose crimped ends for RS485
• 4GB flash with user manual and software