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Installing the WCC Lite


To mount the device:
1. Secure the top of the mounting clip onto a DIN rail.
2. Push the bottom of a device forward to fix the clip in place.

To dismount the device:
1. Pull red coloured clip downwards (found at the bottom side of the DIN rail).
2. Pull back the bottom of the device.
3. Pull device upwards to dismount it.






WCC Lite It is recommended to power WCC Lite from 6W (minimum) 12-24V DC power supply. A full range is 5V to 36V.


Note: Make sure that device is compatible with your power source before proceeding! Check the label next to power connector or on the side of device.

SIM card slot (hardware versions older than 1.3)


As of hardware versions 1.3 onwards single SIM modem support for WCC Lite has been discontinued.

WCC Lite has push-push type microSIM card connector with card detection function. The connector is located on the front panel of WCC Lite. To access it, remove a transparent front panel cover. To insert a SIM card gently push it inside (see Figure below) until it locks in place. Press again to release and remove the card.


Dual-SIM card slot

WCC Lite has optional Dual-SIM card modem. To access both SIM cards, remove a transparent front panel cover and press through marked hole with small tool until SIM holder pops out.


To insert SIM cards, remove Dual-SIM holder and fit SIM cards into it. Insert holder with SIM cards into slot.

Note: Be careful when removing or inserting DUAL-SIM holder, as SIM cards can fall out.

Note: WCC Lite will automatically detect a SIM card insertion or removing.