Declaration of Conformity

(in accordance with ISO / IEC Guide 22 and EN Section 45014) Manufacturer: UAB Aedilis Address of the manufacturer L. Zamenhofo st. 5 LT Vilnius, Lithuania

We claim that: The device IOMOD HT

Conforms to the following standards: EMC: Radiation EN 55022 (Class A) 1 emitted radiation (30-1000MHz) Second radiation conductors (0.15-30MHz) EN 50082-1 immunity test 1 IEC 801-3: Radio-frequency electromagnetic field 2 IEC 801-2: Electrostatic discharge. 3 IEC 801-4: Quick periodic electrostatic discharges

Additional information: "The device complies with the Low Voltage Directive 73/23 / EEC and EMC Directive 89/336 / EEC. Device assembly complies with the RoHS ROHS Directive.

Manufacturer contact: Equipment quality controller UAB Aedilis Address: L. Zamenhofo g. 5, LT 06332, Vilnius, Lithuania Phone: +370 5 2742707 E-mail. Email: